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Sparx IT Solutions is a privately held and NASSCOM certified B2B venture. Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in providing robust solutions in the global arena. The services it provides to clients are the perfect blend of creativity and advanced technology. Achieving complete client satisfaction is the true driving force behind the services that Sparx renders to its clients.

Sparx provides:
- Design and Markup
- Web Development and Integration
- Ecommerce
- Business Analytics
- Mobile Apps and Game Development
- Internet Marketing

Sparx also operates the following divisions:
- CSSChopper
- No-Refresh
- BetterGraph
- EmailChopper
- HireWebDeveloper
- LogoDesignStudio

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Noida, India
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50+ Employees
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$2,500 - $5,000
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Verified Reviews & Ratings (1)

  • Sparx IT Solution is a sort of scam!

    Verified Review on: 12/01/2019

    Sparx IT Solution writes that they have the best consumer engagement model but I guess there’s a huge difference between “what they write on their website & what actually they deliver to the clients at the community level”.

    I was a customer just like you who don’t know much about web development at the beginning. When I met them for my project they provide me a good-quality analysis at cost-efficient prices just to grab me. Once I gave my project to this company, then the ultimate game starts with me. Firstly, they charged me for every request, that won’t seem to them related to the main scope. Then, they slowly showed their actual colors by taking money from me & in return, will leave me with empty-handed.

    My project is still incomplete & its almost 7 months. In fact, you never know either they are working on your project or not because whenever one error resolves, another one comes abruptly and even didn’t share proper progress reports with me. Moreover, they always make false promises, and when the time comes, they just simply turn their backs. This company will not be able to resolve one error of my website i.e. 404 error which every time shows on my homepage whenever I load the website. Without checking from their end, they just started blaming my server team which actually was a mistake from their end not from the server-side. It’s just one error that I wrote likewise there’s plenty of errors which they left on my website.

    Sparx (A scam & worst company ever) wasted 7 months of my project development timeline just by doing everything wrong on my website. I would say that their skills are less than even the 5th standard of an elementary school in terms of UI/UX designing & development. Sparx IT Company is just a group of scam & even their 5-star ratings are also fake. You don't even deserve a 0-star rating but for the google sake, I am giving you a 1-star rating. So, you should be thankful to me for this.

    No pros at all!
    The actual truth of Spark IT Solutions is that they have no solutions at all, just only lies & false hopes at the top! Whosoever you’re, just stay away from this company if you’re looking to hire them for your project. If you’ll give your project to this company then surely you’ll regret.

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