A website + app developed by Gennovacap Technology

We took a major role in developing the HealthcareLinked Ruby on Rails web application from ideation. We began the project with deep discovery about how the medical application would work, function, and be covered under HIPAA laws. We created the wireframes for the project and added some creative design to bring it to life. We then developed a robust backend for users as well as a dashboard for administrators with graphical analysis tools. We also implemented SEO setup and integrated the application with Mailchimp and Sendgrid. Here is a list of the features and functionality that we built into the application:

* User Sign Up
* Advanced Directive – PDF Download
* Administrative Management
* User Analytics and Graphical Analysis
* HIPAA Level Security
* Row level encryption of data
* 2 Factor Authentication with Authy
* SSL Certificates
* Devops Deployment with Phusion Passenger and NGINX
* Development / Staging / Production

Project Type
Website + App
Health Care
September, 2014
Project Length
7 months
Size of Client
Client Location
Budget Range
$100,000 to $150,000

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About the Developer

This project is a portfolio example from Gennovacap Technology. Located in Austin, Texas, they offer Web & App Development services.