About DevFinder

The who, what, why and where.

The idea behind DevFinder is simple: to bridge the gap between the people and companies who need to get a website or app built and the professionals who build them.

Who we are

DevFinder is brought to you by the founder of Activa Live Chat (now known as Salesforce Live Agent and part of Salesforce.com's Service Cloud) and other leading and innovative technology startups. The talented people who are helping DevFinder grow have worked with clients from around the world on technology projects of all sizes and scopes. They have dozens of years of hands-on experience in professional website design, software development, customer experience, technical consulting and project management.

Our history

The research and planning behind the DevFinder platform began its development as a stealth project in 2013 ahead of the company's formal organization the following year. In 2014, DevFinder was launched as a public beta and became available in its current form in late 2015.

This dedication to refinement and our continued investment in quality over time is what allows DevFinder to provide the best resources for all our users, including everyone from new or inexperienced consumers to seasoned technology professionals.

Our roots

DevFinder is proud to be part of the exciting and growing Michigan tech scene. Our commitment to excellence takes place in our metropolitan Detroit development labs and, along with our day-to-day operations, at our main offices in the picturesque city of Petoskey.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hello, we hope you will contact us and/or follow @devfinder on Twitter.